Application Software
DOS SFN Family

External Interfacing


Point-Of-Sale System (Can interface with external POS hardware)

Cash Register (ver 7.1j) - Freeware - {unsetup}

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POS .zip

SuperComputer (Requires constructing special Parallel Port cables)

DOS Beowulf (ver 2.01) - Abandoned Freeware - {unsetup}
~ UBASIC (ver 8.8F)

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Hardware Switch Controller (Requires constructing a special hardware interface)

LPT Driver (ver 0.6) - Abandoned Freeware - {unsetup}
~ NCD (ver 1.0)

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NCD .zip

Motor Controller (Requires constructing a special hardware interface)

EME System (ver 4.2) - Abandoned Freeware - {unsetup}

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Data AcQuisition and Real-Time Analysis (Requires an A/D interface, such as a SoundBlaster)

Daqarta for DOS (ver 2.21) - Shareware made Abandoned Freeware - {unsetup}

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dqa .zip
UTILS .zip

Oscilloscope (Requires constructing a special hardware interface)

ScopeOnPC (ver 1.50) - Abandoned Freeware - {unsetup}

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SCOPE .zip

Automobile OBD-II Diagnostics (Requires constructing a special hardware interface)

ScanTool (ver 1.13) - Abandoned Freeware - {unsetup}

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Dedicated Bridge Router (Requires one each, differing protocol, Network Interface Cards)

Packet Bridge (ver unknown) - Abandoned Freeware - {unsetup}

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pktbri .zip

Dedicated NAT Router (Requires one NIC and one Modem, or two NICs)

Internet Extender (ver 1.0b) - Abandoned Freeware - {unsetup}

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inet_ext .zip
iemanual .txt
iesource .zip

Dedicated SLIP Router (Requires at least two supported network interfaces)

PCroute (ver unknown) - Abandoned Freeware - {unsetup}

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pcroute .zip

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