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NOTICE: This is an archive of carefully hand selected FREE software for DOS. It does NOT contain any "demo" or "time limited" software, nor does it contain any DOS software still being commercially sold (including "try-before-you-buy" software commonly referred to as "Shareware"). The archive focus is NOT on historical preservation, but rather on modern DOS software for modern computers. This includes support for modern hardware interfaces, peripherals, and "the cloud".

The optimized (byte squeezed) software found here is intended to be run on a re-Formatted 386DX or newer CPU computer (including, probably, that old Windows computer you just retired). Although most of this software was not designed to preserve Windows long filenames, all your Windows long filename files will still be visible to DOS using their fallback 8.3 filename.

DOS (i.e: MSDOS, PCDOS, DRDOS, FreeDOS, etc.) is an incredibly stable and extremely capable operating system. Even in the new millennium, the Disk Operating System (DOS) continues to remain a viable PC operating system, and there is a healthy infusion of new software and hardware drivers continuing to be offered (FreeDOS for example is an "open source" DOS still in active development). Unfortunately there is an 800 pound gorilla that, in order to protect its software monopoly, has spread misinformation about what DOS can actually do, and has implied that DOS cannot function with newer hardware or the Internet (and in fact, due to imposed contractual agreements with Microsoft made in the mid 1990's, many commercial entities are not even allowed to offer DOS products if they wish to continue a relationship with Microsoft)!

One of the biggest misconceptions is that DOS is the suite of utilities that was originally shipped on a set of diskettes called "DOS". In truth, DOS consists of only two files, the bootloader (usually named IO.SYS) and the kernel (usually named MSDOS.SYS), along with a substitutable command interpreter (commonly a Command-Line Interpreter such as the program usually named COMMAND.COM). All other utilities can be replaced or expanded upon, and these utilities are where the operating system gets its power.

To function effectively with todays hardware and the Internet, DOS must be coupled with an equally modern and/or powerful set of extension utilities (at a minimum, we suggest a combination of MSDOS, QEMM, and 4DOS). Unfortunately, these products are often difficult to locate. The focus of this archive therefore is to provide a central location for important DOS utilities, drivers, and other programs, that will turn your computer into a powerful, stable, and safe computing tool for work and play.

Again we remind you that this is an archive of hand-picked Short File Name (SFN) software culled from abandonware and freeware only! Although this is one of the most well-rounded archives of quality FREE DOS software found anywhere on the Internet, there are several excellent still sold Commercial applications, and dozens of excellent still sold Shareware applications, which provide additional solutions, and which may sometimes do a superior job than some of the free programs listed here. Don't overlook them as potential supplements to your powerful DOS computer.

WARNING: The Microsoft Long File Name system is a destabilizing bastardization to the File Allocation Table. As such, it is not recommended for use with DOS (even though LFN aware utilities are available). There are several DOS utilities that allow you to safely tag Short File Name (8.3 format) files with extended descriptions, which should be used instead (these utilities store their descriptions in an associated external file, which does not alter the FAT).

DOS Hardware Selection Guide
Official MSDOS ver 1.1 and ver 2.0 Source Code

MSDOS + assorted initial configuration utilities (ver 6.22) - abandonware

About .txt
bootdisk .zip
loose .zip
~ [MSDOS330 .zip]

Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager (ver 9.0) - abandonware

About .txt
qemm .zip
Manual .pdf

4DOS (ver 8.00) - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
4DOS800 .zip

NOTE: DOS software requires manual configuration before it can be run. For your convenience, almost all the programs in this archive have already been setup and configured for most users (exceptions are noted with the tag "{unsetup}"). All you need do is decompress the ZIP file to retrieve a folder containing all the program files, make any tweaks, and then enjoy!