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Engaging Links = This is an extensive sub-category

The following linklist was begun at a time when the Web was still new, and was started as a way of group-sharing interesting website discoveries between friends. It has grown into a rather large collection of broadly classified links, but all entries still hold to the concept of being worthy of taking some time to visit. Websites linked here are not intended to forward any particular agenda or viewpoint. Sorting of the links are arbitrary, and the sorting itself was only to make the lists manageable. Be aware that the appearance of these pages differs from the rest of the JumpJet website, due to this section never yet being modernized. Hopefully the appearance and navigation scheme will be brought in line with the rest of the JumpJet website sometime in the near future.

The links on the following pages lead to EXTERNAL websites. JumpJet has no control over their content, and the content we found interesting may have changed or have been removed since the link was listed. Proceed with caution and an open mind!