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Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine

Certain eras are sometime labeled as "golden ages". Often these are brief windows in time between when an older inaccessible technology suddenly becomes accessible to the masses, and when a newer technology will soon emerge as a replacement. In the publishing industry, such an event occurred at the turn of the new millennium. Individuals were suddenly able to assemble, print, and distribute their own small circulation special interest paper magazines of a refined quality that rivaled the magazines being printed by the major publishing houses. Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine (the name being a play on the phrase "Silicon Valley", the location of publication, and where many pioneering vacuum tube era electronics companies once headquartered) is one such example.

I first encountered VTV magazine at a vintage electronics service shop in San Jose California while I was on the hunt for some high-end tube replacements for some currently being produced pro-audio tube microphones. The shop owner referred me to Mr. Charles Kittleson, and offered me a copy of Issue 1 and 3 of his recently published VTV magazine. Mr. Kittleson was a most pleasant and knowledgeable fellow, who was able to select for me exactly the tubes I required. Naturally, I also acquired the missing Issue 2 and a subscription to his fantastic magazine. I even discussed the possibility of becoming an article contributor. As I am a reference material archivist by nature, I was given permission to make high quality scans of his magazines' back-issues.

After Mr. Kittleson's sad passing, I briefly posted the scans of the old issues onto this web site. Although the empirical vacuum tube observations and test results delineated in Vacuum Tube Valley magazine can not be found anywhere else; the magazine being a more recent publication, did not quite fit in with the historical magazines it was being grouped along with. I therefore removed the scans pending the creation of a more appropriate section on this web site to post them. Unfortunately this new section has yet to fully materialize. So rather than let these scans continue to languish on my personal drive for even more years where they are doing little good for the world, I have decided to place the complete run of twenty issues online again here.

VTV01 .pdf VTV02 .pdf VTV03 .pdf VTV04 .pdf
VTV05 .pdf VTV06 .pdf VTV07 .pdf VTV08 .pdf
VTV09 .pdf VTV10 .pdf VTV11 .pdf VTV12 .pdf
VTV13 .pdf VTV14 .pdf VTV15 .pdf VTV16 .pdf
VTV17 .pdf VTV18 .pdf VTV19 .pdf VTV20 .pdf

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