Offbeat Internet


Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine
EIMAC Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence 1934-1984 (*.pdf yearbook)
Preliminary design sketch for an Isopath Amplifier (*.pdf)
The Design and Construction of Vacuum-Tube Tesla Coils (*.pdf)
Power Protection (*.pdf)
555 Timer Pinouts (*.rtf)
Timer Circuits (*.pdf book)
Electronic Radiation Alarm
Using Passive Radar to detect flying objects (*.pdf book)
Electronic Decorating Screen Heater Control (*.pdf)


American Telegraph Practice (*.pdf book)
American Telephone Practice (*.pdf book)
General guide for Radio Monitoring (*.pdf book)
An introduction to Radio Broadcasting (*.pdf book)
Very Low Frequency Radio Station List (*.pdf)
Gyrator II VLF Receiver (*.pdf)
Telco Wire Colors illustration (*.gif)
Handling the Irate Caller (*.pdf book)

Transmitters for the Public Frequencies

CB = Midland 75-785
FRS = Cobra MicroTalk PR650
MURS = Dakota Alert 538
VHF Marine = Midland Nautico 3


A History of Modern Computing (*.pdf book)
The state of Usenet (*.txt)
Southern Hemisphere TLDs (*.txt)
LAN OSI Model illustration (*.gif)
LAN Hardware illustration (*.gif)
Network Crossover Cable Pinouts (*.txt)
AMI BIOS Beep Codes (*.pdf)
Port Addresses (*.jpg)
AT Command Set (*.pdf)
CADD Glossary (*.pdf)

AOL Sounds

About .txt
DROP .zip
IM .zip

A copy of AOL 8.0 Plus (complementary software... not required to play the sounds)

AOL .txt
AOL8-0_Plus .zip