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Social Board Game Club (*.pdf)
Family Game Table Rules (*.rtf)

Fun with various Playing Card systems

Abridged Mah Jongg Rules (*.pdf)
Bid Grid for Bridge Novices (*.pdf)
Games with Tarot Cards - [see page 12] (*.pdf book)
- Cartomancy
Useful Cartomancy Decks = [suggested public decks]
Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings = [a fully illustrated guide]

Paper & Pencil Roleplay Gaming Tools

Event Resolution Guide (*.doc)
Attack Table Sliderule (*.xls)
Saving-Throw Tables (*.xls)
Subordination Tables (*.xls)
Character Attribute Tables (*.xls)
Movement Guide (*.doc)
A Monster Description Template (*.xls)

Rulebooks from several superior Board/Card Games

Nuclear War ~ [Spinner | Placemat | People]
The Hunger Games: Training Days ~ [Improvements]