Pioneering Wireless

Radio's Maturity: 1915-1929

 Practical Wireless Application

1001 Radio Questions and Answers
500 Radio Wrinkles
A.B.C. of Radio, The
A-B-C of Television
A-B-C of Vacuum Tubes in Radio Reception, The
Amplifiers and Hetrodynes
Andrae Radio Directory
B.B.C. Handbook, The
B-B-C Hand Book
Book of Wireless, The
Boy's Wireless Annual, The
C. W. Manual, The
Complete Radio Book, The
Construction and Operation of a Two-Circuit Radio Receiving Equipment with Crystal Detector
Construction of High Power Vacuum Tubes and Their Uses in Radio Telephony
Construction of Radio Phone and Telegraph Receivers for Beginners
Construction of the Audion Amplifier
Construction of New Type Transatlantic Receiving Sets
Crystal Experimenter's Handbook
Crystal Receivers for Broadcast Reception
Crystal Receiving Sets
Design Data for Radio Transmitters and Receivers
Design of Modern Radio Receiving Sets
Direction and Position Finding by Wireless
Electric Oscillations and Electric Waves
Electric Rectifiers and Valves
Electromagnetic Oscillations from a Bent Antenna
Elements of Radiotelegraphy
Elements of Radio Telephony
Evening News Wireless Handbook, The
Experimental Wireless Stations
Foundations of Wireless
High versus Low Antennae in Radio Telegraphy and Telephony
Home Radio, The
How and Why of Radio Apparatus, The
How to Become a Wireless Operator
How to Conduct a Radio Club
How To Make Commercial Type Radio Apparatus
How to Pass U.S. Government Wireless License Examinations
Internal Relations in Audion-Type Radio Receivers
Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son
Loud-Speaker Crystal Sets
Manual of Radio Telegraphy for Radio Operators
Methods, Formulas, and Tables for the Calculation of Antenna Capacity
Modern Primary Batteries
Modern Radio Operation
Naval Electricians' Text Book
Pitman's Radio Year Book ~ 1926
Pitman's Radio Year Book ~ 1927
Practical Amateur Wireless Stations
Practical Radio
Practical Television
Practical Wireless Telegraphy
Principles of Mercury Arc Rectifiers and their Circuits
Principles of Radio Communication
Principles of Radio Transmission and Reception with Antenna and Coil Aerials
Principles of Radiotelegraphy
Principles Underlying Radio Communication, The
Radio Amateur's Hand Book, The
Radio Communication Theory and Methods
Radio Craft
Radio Encyclopedia
Radio Engineering Principles
Radio Engineering Principles ~ 2nd edition
Radio Experimenters' Guide
Radio Experimenter's Hand Book, The
Radio Instruments and Measurements
Radio for All
Radio for Beginners
Radio for Everybody
Radio for the Amateur
Radio Guide for Beginners
Radio Handbook
Radio Hook-Ups
Radio Manual, The
Radio Phone Receiving
Radio Questions and Answers
Radio Receiving for Beginners
Radio Reception
Radio Telegraphy
Radio Telephony
Radio-Telephony for Amateurs
Radio-Telephony for Everyone
RCA Theremin Service Notes
Reflex Radio Receivers
Resistance and Capacity of Coils at Radio Frequencies
Selective Properties of Coupled Radio Circuits, The
Sets for Every Pocket
Signal Corps Pamphlets from the Great War
Simple Valve Receiving Sets
Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers
Standard Radio Guide, The
Standard Tables and Equations in Radio-Telegraphy
Study of a Rectangular Loop as a Wireless Receiver
Television ~ Present Methods of Picture Transmission
Television ~ Seeing by Wireless
Text-Book on Wireless Telegraphy ~ volume 1
Text-Book on Wireless Telegraphy ~ volume 2
Theory of Thermionic Vacuum Tube Circuits
Thermionic Vacuum Tube and its Applications, The
Thermionic Valve and its Developments in Radiotelegraphy and Telephony, The
Vacuum Tubes in Radio Telephony
Vacuum Tubes in Wireless Communication
Vision by Radio
Wireless Component Parts
Wireless Construction and Installation for Beginners
Wireless Experimenter's Manual, The
Wireless Telegraphy (Leggett)
Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony (Morgan)
Wireless Transmission of Photographs

 Call Books Plus

1923 Radio Broadcasting Station Directory and Trouble Finder [simple technical answers]
1926 Radio Call Book, The [receiver schematics]
1927 Radio Call Book, The [receiver schematics]
Burgess Index of Radio Broadcasting Stations [radio batteries]
Keller's Radio Call Book and Log [receiver schematics]
Radio Log and Call Book [simple technical answers]
Radio Station Directory and Trouble Finder [simple technical answers]

The 1920's launched the era of valve amplification, which has directed the mindset of radio ever since. Note that although Call Books (station listings) would normally fall outside the scope of this archive, these particular books also contain technical articles.