Pioneering Wireless

Useful post-1929 Handbooks

 Wireless Servicing

Applications of a Sweep Signal Generator (1955)
Getting the most out of Vacuum Tubes (1960)
History of Impedance Measurement, A
How To Use Meters (1954)
Oscilloscope Techniques (1958)
Precise dB Monitoring with Eye Tubes (2006)
Probes (1955)
Radio and TV Test Instruments (1953)
Servicing By Signal Tracing (1939)
Soldering is Easy (2011)
Some Basics for Equipment Servicing (1981)
Surface-Mount Technology
Using Your Meter (1985)
V.T.V.M, The (1956)
Why and How to Ground Electrical Systems
XYZs of Oscilloscopes (2000)

 Wireless Formulas

Allied Electronics Data Handbook (1966)
Nature of Q, The (1954)
Quick Guide to Batteries, A (1979)
Radio Engineering Handbook (1935)
Radio-Television-Electronic Dictionary (1943)

 Wireless Component Refinements

Antenna Handbook (1999)
Cathode-Ray Tube At Work, The (1935)
Centralab Volume Control Guide (1937)
Directional Broadcast Antennas (1974)
Metallic Rectifiers and Crystal Diodes (1958)
Practical Radio Kinks and Short Cuts (1939)
TEF6901A Integrated car radio (2008)
Understanding Transistors (1960)
Vacuum Tube Oscillators (1953)
Vacuum Tube Rectifiers (1958)
Vibrator Power Supply Design (1947)

 Introductions to Newer Wireless Practices

All About Frequency Modulation (1941) [frequency modulation]
Fundamentals of Single-Sideband Communication (1961) [single-sideband]
Introduction to Radio Astronomy (2010) [radio astronomy]
Introduction to Television, An (1941) [electronic television]
Mobile Radio Handbook (1950) [mobile radio]
Radar (1963) [radio detecting and ranging]
Radio Amateur's Handbook, The (1931) [amateur radio service]
Radio-Control Primer, A (1992) [radio-control]
Stereo F.M. Radio Handbook (1974) [stereo frequency modulation]
Teletypewriter Circuits and Equipment (1947) [radio teletype]

 Reexamining the Crystal Receiver

Boy's Book of Crystal Sets, The (1950)
Great Teacher, A (2008)
High Sensitivity Crystal Set (2007)
Making a Transistor Radio (1972)
Operation Crystal (1955)