Mission Statement

In the late 1970's, society decided that there was no longer room for the wild human. Henceforth all humans were to be kept in technological zoos, or if they were lucky, carefully sanitized preserves. Like other zoo animals, humans would now be totally dependent upon their zoo keepers for food, shelter, healthcare, and all other needs. To prevent severe depression, the humans would be provided with approved toys and activities to keep them distracted and feeling connected, without inducing longing.

The results have mirrored those of other zoo animals, in that the humans struggle with dietary problems, experience greater health issues, and exhibit an overall reduction in attention, wisdom, stamina, and agility. Most dishearteningly, as zoo animals, humans have lost their ability to fend for themselves in the wild, due to the lack of knowledge and experience once taught by their parents and the environment.

While there is essentially nothing we here can do to restore a persons physical or mental tolerances, or create an environment in which to practice or experience, it is our hope that through this website we can at least give the mind information that it could apply to help survive in the wild.