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Emergency Preparedness

A collection of documents covering all aspects of Emergency Preparedness for every conceivable disaster. "Hazard Maps" show areas where specific risks are higher. "Disaster Mitigation" describes actions that can be taken to prepare yourself for every kind of disaster; Climate, Air, Flame, Earth, Water, Civil, and NBC. "Protecting Dependents" describes specific preparations necessary to ensure the safety of Animals, Seniors/Disabled, and Children. "Emergency Supplies" and "Emergency Shelters" covers emergency alternatives should your home become compromised, and "Evacuation Issues" covers when you are forced to leave. "Neighborly Response" reveals both what community resources you can draw upon in an emergency, and what you as a private individual can do to assist your neighbors in their emergency.

Pioneering Wireless (Radio)

A historical document archive about applied Radio (formerly called Wireless), covering the pioneering period prior to 1930. The scanned "eBooks", "eJournals", and "eMagazines" dating from this period are stored under separate headings. The primary purpose of this archive is to provide a source of appliable technical reference material, to assist persons desiring to experiment with pioneering radio technology. It is all about the equipment, not about transmissions (broadcasts) that may have used the technology.

{Offbeat Internet} - Public Access

Much of the Internet is closed to the general public. Here you will find listings of server addresses for all of the information disseminating Internet Protocols (including: CCSO, Daytime, DICT, DIS, Distribute, DNS, Finger, FSP, FTP, Gopher, H.323, HTTP, IMAP, IRC, LDAP, Nicname, NNTP, POP, QOTD, RTMP, RTSP, SIP, SMTP, SNPP, SNTP, TelNet, Time, Tracker, XMPP and Z39.50) that are open for access to the public, along with "Free Web Communications" methods and other "Free Tools" available on the Internet. You'll be surprised by how much is not a part of the web!

{Offbeat Internet} - Gopher Protocol

An extremely comprehensive collection of Documents and downloadable Server/Client Software for the Gopher Protocol.

{Offbeat Internet} - Engaging Links

Begun at a time when the Web was still new, this link list started as a way of group-sharing interesting website discoveries between friends. It has grown into a rather large collection of broadly classified links, but all entries still hold to the concept of being worthy of taking some time to visit.

{Offbeat Internet} - Treasures

The location for interesting stuff that doesn't fit under any of the other headings. Sub-categories in this section include "3rail O-scale Trains", "Astrology" (and other arcanum), "Daytime Astronomy", "DOS era graphics", "Electronics", "Physical Culture" (both exercise and martial arts), "Publishing Aids" (which includes a 'Copyright Catalog'), "Tabletop Gaming" (which includes 'Cartomancy'), and other "Miscellany".

Application Software

Free software for four outstanding PC Operating Systems, plus 'live' CDs that allow access to files stored on hard disks using every major PC hard disk file storage format. "DOS SFN Family" is an extensive archive of software for the DOS short-filename family of operating systems, of which MS-DOS 6.22 is the prime example. "Windows Win2k Family" is an extensive archive of software (particularly Server software for uncommon Internet Protocols) for the Windows NT heritage of operating systems, of which MS-Windows 2000 Professional is the focus. "OS2 Warp Family" is represented by Warp 3 and above (including eComStation), while "BeOS r5 Family" is represented by r5 and above (including Haiku). Each piece of software has been hand-selected to represent the best free choice (still sold Commercial/Shareware software excluded) for performing a function. This is not a collection of lame historic software, but rather a collection of the most recent supporting software that will keep the OS relevant and functional for use on modern hardware.

Classic Games

DMCA Exempt game software. "Arcade Machines" contains supporting files and select ROM images for the MAME arcade video game machine emulator. "Home Consoles" contains full sets of ROM images for home video game consoles that used ROM cartridges. "Vintage BASIC" contains game programs written using the traditional 'numbered line' BASIC programming language. "DOS Games" contains select games written for a pure DOS operating system. "Windows Games" contains games that are compatible with Windows 2000. Windows Games also contains a collection of fan developed 'RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 game add-ons', and a difinitive 'RollerCoaster Tycoon game reference guide'.


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