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BeOS r5 Family

Here's an interesting Operating System from Be Inc., the company that Microsoft illegally (see: msft complaint .pdf) forced out of business. Version 5 (r5) in many ways can be considered a PC version of the highly respected AmigaOS. Its multimedia capabilities are quite powerful, and it is so flexible that the OS can be installed onto either a x86-based (PC) or a PowerPC-based (Macintosh) computer.

In a world full of Windows... what we need are some rocks!

BeOS Pro Edition (ver 5.0) - commercial made abandoned freeware

About .txt
root .zip
GOBE .zip
WIN9X .zip
GNU .zip
User's Guide (in seven pdf parts) .zip
Installation Walkthrough .txt

Note: Lack of recent vendor driver support limits this OS to installation on computers utilizing older hardware design.

Breaking News: BeOS has been given new life, under the banner of Haiku

BeOS Application Software

VNC remote connectivity

SERVER = VNCServer (ver 1.21) - Freeware

About .txt
VNCServer_1-21 .zip
VNCServer_1-18ppc .zip

CLIENT = VNCViewer (ver 3.3.1r6) - Freeware

About .txt
VNCViewer-release6 .zip

Cross-platform Scripting - (DOS, Windows, OS/2, etc.)

BeOS Regina Rexx Interpreter (ver 3.3) - Freeware

About .txt
BeOS_Regina_REXX_3-3 .zip

Assembly language Compiling

NASM (ver 0.98) - Freeware

About .txt
nasm_0-98_beos .zip

Modern Web Browser

QupZilla (ver 1.4.0) - Freeware

About .txt
Qupzilla_1-4-0_Haiku_InstallerII .zip

An outstanding archive of BeOS software can be found at BeBits