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Personal standalone computing is finally dead, and computing has reverted to the 70's notion of remote storage and collaboration. However, there will be times when a computer might temporarily loose connectivity, so it would be prudent to keep local copies of corresponding applications and diversions, so that productivity in a fashion could continue. Each of the above archives contain recommended hand-selected FREE appplication and support software for the specific PC Operating System (executables only, no sourcecode).

Software on this website falls under one of the below broad categories (my definitions). Specific licencening information is bundled with the software:

Commercial = this is software that must be purchased or rented before you can use it (although on rare occasions the software is sometimes given away as part of a promotional).

Shareware = this is also commercial software that must be purchased or rented. You ARE allowed to use it for a specified period before you have to purchase or rent it, but you are not allowed to abuse this privilege.

Abandonware = this is either Commercial or Shareware software where the owners often cannot be contacted, won't tell you were to send payment for the software if you do find them, and will refuse to provide technical support in any case. Much of it has, for all practical purposes (except in the most strict legal terms, because they haven't bothered to even make an official statement to the effect), been deeded into the public domain.

Freeware = this is defined at the web link However software that does not fall into one of the other three categories (such as, for example, Open Source software) has also been categorized here as Freeware.

NOTE: Although software offered here that has not been updated in several years has been prefaced with the moniker "abandoned", this does not necessarily mean that the software is buggy or lacking in features. In fact, in most cases, the software has not been updated only because it has reached perfection in respect to the programmers goals.

Links to Free modern x86 Operating Systems

Windows = ReactOS
BeOS = Haiku

(fast, tiny, and entirely new) = KolibriOS

BONUS: If you only have one PC available, but you want to experiment before making a full commitment, you can fairly satisfactorily run all of these Operating Systems in a Virtual Machine using Oracle's free VirtualBox software on your current compatible 64-bit Host OS. Refer to these Wikis for setting up FreeDOS, ReactOS, Haiku, and KolibriOS for VirtualBox testing.

Note: If you are only seeking to run (including print from) DOS applications inside the latest version of Windows, install the simple VDM program vDos

PC emergency "Live CD" images

WARNING: The older bootable disk images offered below are intended only for temporary use if you need to manipulate files stored under various PC file systems in an emergency (OS corruption, OS changeover, etc.). Some of these boot environments are unstable, and are not recommended for any other use!

Access the FAT12, and FAT16 file systems

DOS .iso

Access the VFAT, FAT32, and NTFS file systems

MS-Windows Preinstallation Environment
WinPE. iso

Access the HPFS file system

eComStation .iso

Access the BFS file system

Haiku .iso

Access the FFS, UFS1, UFS2, EXT2, EXT3 file systems, and the NWFS file system

FreeSBIE .iso


Forensics Utility for Hard Drive Recovery

About .txt
Windows_TestDisk_6-14 .zip

Utility for Cloning a Bootable Windows Drive = (Last Win2k version)

About .txt
xxclone .zip