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Games found here are compatible with Windows 2000. These include games specifically designed for Windows 2000, as well as 32-bit and older 16-bit Windows games that will run under Win2k (some DOS games are also playable under a Windows 2000 command-line with some tweaking, but they are not listed here because they are not intended to be run inside a Windows OS).
All these offered Windows games will probably also work properly under Windows XP (Sorry 64-bit Windows owners: Microsoft has dropped support for 16-bit Windows software).

Annoyingly, many Windows games are simply higher-system-requirement followons to previously released DOS games, and most of the new title franchises lack much in the way of game play uniqueness (if different graphics are all you are really seeking, it would be a smarter choice to play the games designed for modern video game consoles). However, there are a few games that really are a better in their Windows variants, and those are the games we have chosen to offer here. Enjoy!


Age of Empires II - Gold Edition (1999 Microsoft) Abandonware snap

blurb .txt

Armagetron Advanced (ver Freeware snap

blurb .txt
Armagetron .zip

Armymen (ver 1.2) Abandonware snap

blurb .txt

Cities In Motion Collection (ver 1.0.22) Abandonware snap

blurb .txt
Cities In Motion .rar

ElfBowling (ver 1.0) Freeware snap

blurb .txt
ElfBowling .zip

Midtown Madness (ver 1.0) Abandonware snap

blurb .txt
No-CD Patch .zip
Midtown Madness .pdf

Railroad Tycoon II - Platinum Edition (2001 PopTop Software) Abandonware snap

blurb .txt
RT2_PLAT .zip
fix156 .zip
No-CD Patch .zip

SimTower - The Vertical Empire (ver 1.0) Abandonware snap

blurb .txt
SimTower - The Vertical Empire .zip

The Sims (2000 Maxis) Abandonware snap

blurb .txt
Livin' Large = ep1_sn .txt - THE_SIMS_EP .ISO
House Party = ep2_sn .txt - THE_SIMS_EP2 .ISO
hot date = ep3_sn .txt - THE_SIMS_EP3 .ISO
Vacation = ep4_sn .txt - THE_SIMS_EP4 .ISO
Unleashed = ep5_sn .txt - EP5_disk1 .zip - EP5_disk2 .zip
Superstar = ep6_sn .txt - EP6_disk1 .zip - EP6_disk2 .zip
Makin' Magic = ep7_sn .txt - EP7_disk1 .zip - EP7_disk2 .zip

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition (2003 Maxis) snap

TriBond (ver 1.0) Abandonware

blurb .txt
TriBond .pdf

Win2k Games (ver 5.0) Abandonware

blurb .txt
Win2k Games .zip
table .bmp


BVE Trainsim (ver 4.2.1947.25355) Freeware snap

blurb .txt
BVE_4 .zip
keyboard .txt
uchibo10 .zip
keisei2 .zip

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 (2001 Microsoft) Abandonware snap

blurb .txt

Microsoft Pinball Arcade (1998 Microsoft) Abandonware snap

blurb .txt
Shortcuts .jpg

Takeout Weight Curling (2002 Global Star Software) Abandonware snap

blurb .txt
Curling .zip