Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Supplies

Note: Emergency Supplies are not a synonym for austerity. There is little reason why you couldn't eat tasty canned food off of fine china, paint artwork on your water barrels, or entertain yourself by playing a concert-grade instrument. Surrounding yourself with beauty reduces stress, boosts morale, and enables your mind to think clearly.

Survival Necessities and Sickness Avoidance

Info - Emergency Water Sources .mp3
Making Water .pdf
Warka Water Tower .pdf
Fact Sheet - Water Storage .pdf
Slow Sand Filters .pdf
Field Guide for Emergency Water Treatment with Moringa oleifera .pdf
Emergency Food and Water Supplies .txt
Food and Water in Emergency .pdf
Nutrition Guide During a Disaster or Flu Pandemic .pdf
Fact Sheet - Food Supplies .pdf
Family Food Stockpile for Survival .pdf
Food Supply After The Bomb .mp4
Planning for Food after a Disaster .pdf
Individual and Family Preparedness .pdf
Refrigerator & Freezer Storage Chart .pdf
A Process of Obtaining a Dry Cold Current of Air from Ice .pdf
Constructing and Using Root Cellars .pdf
Zeer Pot .pdf
What is a Bread Box .txt
Food Preserving .pdf
Drying Fruits & Vegetables .pdf
Steps to Success in Home Canning .pdf
Long-Term Dry Food Canning .pdf
Active Packaging for Food Applications .pdf
Stored Food Pests FAQ .txt
Natural Bug Deterents .txt
Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency .pdf
Safety Steps for Disaster Work Crew Meals .pdf
Emergency Feeding .pdf
Emergency Catering .pdf
Construction Guide for Mobile Food Units .pdf
Mobile Food Unit Operation Guide .pdf
Solar Ovens .pdf
Starting a Hand-Fired Anthracite Coal Stove .pdf
Hand Washing Technique .pdf
Sanitation FAQ .txt
Field Sanitation .pdf
Emergency Sanitation .pdf
Makeshift Sanitation .mp3
Emergency Mortuary Services .pdf
Procedures for Mortuary Affairs .pdf
Guidelines for Large Dead Animal Disposal by Burial .pdf
Have You Got Your Gas Mask With You? .mp4
Respirator Fact Sheet .pdf
Respiratory Protection .pdf
Impact-Resisting Body Armor .pdf
Police Body Armor Standards and Testing .pdf
Ocean Clothing .pdf
Emergency Clothing .pdf
Caring for Your Clothes .pdf
Clothing Repair .pdf
Preparedness Calendar .pdf
Items that Dissapear First in a Panic .pdf
Emergency Ammunition .pdf
Modern Weapons Caching .pdf
Hand Tools .txt
Forgotten Shelter Tools .txt
The 3 Most Important Knots .pdf
Portable Auto Survival Kit .pdf
Camping Gear Equivalencies .pdf
Two Person Emergency Camping Kit .pdf
Using a Carbide Cap Lamp .pdf
Personal Workplace Disaster Supplies Kit .pdf
Personal Emergency Kit .pdf
Family Disaster Supply Kit .pdf
72 hour kit Civil Defense .txt
Business Emergency Pack .pdf
School Emergency 'Go-Kits' .pdf
Crisis Response Box .pdf
Library Disaster Prevention Checklist .pdf
Library Disaster Plan .pdf
Small Business Disaster Planning .pdf
Small Business Disaster Planning Guide .pdf
Emergency Management Guide for Businesses .pdf
Protecting Valuable Records .pdf
Practical Information on School Crisis Planning .pdf
Safety Items No Home Should Be Without .pdf
Emergency Preparedness Manual .pdf
Emergency Preparedness Checklist .pdf
Your Emergency Preparedness Guide .pdf
Emergency Planning for Your Family .pdf
Preparedness - General Family .pdf
Your Family Disaster Plan .pdf
Personal and Family Preparedness .pdf
Home-Hazard Hunt.pdf
Safety for the Household .pdf
Portable Fire Extinguishers .pdf

New Technology

Atmospheric Water Generator .pdf
AquaPak .pdf
Water Pasteurizer .pdf
Lifestraw .pdf
Culligan Level 4 Easy-Change Under-Sink Drinking Water Filter System .pdf
Q Drum .pdf
waterBOB Portable Emergency Water Storage .pdf
3-Day Food, Water, & Blanket Car Kit .pdf
British Army Ration Packs .txt
MRE .pdf
Sate of the Art of Active-Intelligent Food Packaging .pdf
Bidet alternative to toilet paper .pdf
Portable Sanitation Facilities .pdf
Manual Laundry Machine .pdf
Ozone for Odor Elimination .pdf
The Emergency Bra .pdf
Breathable Viral Barrier HazMatSuit .pdf
Insect Deterrence .pdf
PlayaDome Tent .pdf
Tsunami Ball .pdf
Telescoping Emergency Paddle .jpg
StormBag .pdf
Ready-Heat Heated Disposable Blankets .pdf
Multi-fuel Heating Stoves .pdf
16oz Propane Appliances .pdf
Self-Contained Air-Cooling .pdf
Preventing Moisture Damage to Containerized Cargo and Packaging .pdf
Bright Light Therapy Lamps .pdf
ShakeLight .pdf
MightyLight .pdf
Compact Lantern .pdf
Lithium AA Battery .pdf
Deep-Cycle Battery Type Comparison .pdf
Generator EF3000iSEB .pdf
PRI-G fuel preservative .pdf
N2 Fire Suppression System .pdf
Crank Radio Receiver .pdf
Shortwave Receiver DE1103 .pdf
Citizens Radio .pdf
Industrial Sound-Powered Telephone Systems .pdf

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