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Be aware that the appearance of these linklist pages differs from the rest of the JumpJet website, due to this section never yet being modernized.

The Engaging Websites linklist was begun at a time when the Web was still new, and was started as a way of group-sharing interesting website discoveries between friends (foreshadowing the now defunct "Yahoo Picks"). It has grown into a rather large collection of broadly classified links, but all entries still hold to the concept of being worthy of taking some time to visit. The selection of websites linked here were not intended to forward any particular agenda or viewpoint. Sorting of the links are arbitrary, and the sorting itself was only to make the lists manageable.

The links on the following pages lead to EXTERNAL websites. JumpJet has no control over their content, and the content we found interesting may have changed or have been removed since the link was listed. We no longer actively check the status of links, but whenever we encounter an invalid one, we will try to change the address to where the previous content has been relocated, and if that fails, replace the address with an available static link on the Wayback Machine. Proceed with caution and an open mind!

We have noted what we consider a disturbing trend on the English language Internet over the last decade. Where there were once numerous web sites dedicated to providing free information in the form of Virtual Museums or personal research (including observations made by collectors), these web sites have been disappearing rapidly. Even worse, the virtual galleries formerly offered by many museums, and the public documents posted on government web sites, have been removed; and in fact, their core web site layouts have even changed so as to look and function more like commercial storefronts!

This is not to say that there is a lack of "educational" material for "school children" available, but these web sites are carefully controlled so as to only present information that is approved by Federal, State, and Local school boards. Anything of an Alternative, or heaven forbid Controversial, nature is conspicuously absent. Certainly there are blogs and news articles, but many of these we are finding are merely plagiarisms of inaccurate, or even outright fictional, source material. We fear that this is leading to a generation who will soon have great difficulty pursuing their own personal learning paths, who will misunderstand, or be unaware of, historical contexts, and who may actually believe that there are few other points of view on everyday subjects.

If you are uncomfortable with these changes, we encourage you to produce a web site yourself, or assist those web sites still online to keep operating and, better yet, expanding. Being from an older source, or of an obscure nature, does NOT make it irrelevant. The human race needs your effort on this matter. You will make a difference!