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Gopher Protocol

The Gopher protocol (Gopher) is a protocol designed for distributing, searching, and retrieving documents. Gopher provides the linking and labeling capabilities of HTTP, with the structured hierarchy of download-only FTP. On these webpages you will discover an extremely comprehensive Gopher Protocol archive, which also includes an extensive collection of Gopher Client and Server software for numerous platforms.

External Resources

A list of publicly accessible Gopher Server Addresses.
Gopher Servers do not always have to be accessed with native Gopher Clients, but can also be accessed with a conventional Web Browser through a HTTP to Gopher Proxy link.
Five well known public proxies are:
Gaufre - port 7780 proxy - port 70 proxy
Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy
Gopher Proxy
There is also a public HTTP to Gopher to HTTP interface to Wikipedia called: Gopherpedia
And a Web-based Gopherspace search engine called: GopherVista

There is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel dedicated to the Gopher protocol, (#gopherproject), on the Freenode IRC server. Information about Freenode itself is available on the World Wide Web at:
A Distribute mailing list for "Gopher discussions, questions, and advocacy" is available. To subscribe, send an e-mail with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line to: An archive of past e-mail from this mailing list is stored on
Two specialty Distribute mailing lists are also available for Gopher developers. The list for persons interested in "developing an entirely new Protocol based upon the Gopher Protocol" can be joined by visiting: The list for persons interested in "developing new(er) Gopher Projects" can be joined by visiting:
There is a NNTP global-newsgroup (comp.infosystems.gopher) that is dedicated to Gopher. The newsgroup focuses on four aspects of Gopher; Gopher Client development, Gopher Server development, Gopherspace Engineering, and the Gopher Protocol in general. An archived reflection of this Gopher newsgroup is available on the World Wide Web at:

OpenNIC has a Top Level Domain of ".gopher" to highlight sites offering content via the gopher protocol. The .gopher TLD charter is available on the OpenNIC wiki: http://wiki.opennic.glue/GopherCharter. You must use an OpenNIC free DNS nameserver to access this wiki, because the Domain Name is not acknowledged by the ubiquitous IANA leased DNS nameservers.
The Gopher Server offers free Gopher page hosting to individuals and nonprofit groups who have a message to convey.
And subscribers to The Super Dimension Fortress may create their own Gopher homepage.