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USENET - The Big-8 Newsgroups

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comp .zip - Computer topics, both hardware and software.
humanities .zip - The humanities.
misc .zip - A mixture of newsgroups that don't fit the other seven hierarchies. Many are about the practical aspects of everyday life.
news .zip - Administration of the Big 8, as well as about Usenet and Netnews in general, and related topics.
rec .zip - Recreational topics, including music, sports, games, outdoor recreation, hobbies, crafts, etc..
sci .zip - Science and technology.
soc .zip - Socializing, society, and social issues.
talk .zip - Endless discussion, largely about politics.

The "ALT" Newsgroup - The "Alternative to USENET" newsgroup. Now mostly a place for sharing binary files.

Some Nationally Focussed Newsgroups

aus .zip - Australia (English)
chile .zip - Chile (Spanish)
de .zip - Germany (German)
esp .zip - Spain (Spanish)
fr .zip - France (French)
nl .zip - Netherlands (Dutch)
nz .zip - New Zealand (English)
uk .zip - United Kingdom (English)

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The current state of News .txt

Southern Hemisphere TLDs, and their understandable News languages .txt

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