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The Teletype Networking protocol (TelNet) is used to provide bidirectional interactive text-oriented communications. TelNet works close to the transport layer, so it can also intercept and manipulate traffic intended for other protocols. A TelNet server is accessed using a TelNet client that emulates the DEC VT100 terminal command set, or with a Browser that understand the URI "telnet://". Many TelNet clients also understand ANSI control codes. Telnet is mostly used for remote login to a computer, as a remote database terminal, or as a communications portal to BBS, MOO and MU* servers. Interestingly, most versions of Windows include an easily activated TelNet server. Below are addresses for TelNet servers open to the public anonymously.
[IANA Port assignment = 23]

TelNet Servers

Addresses last verified July 2012

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Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser Issues:

Recent versions of Internet Explorer have removed TelNet URL access ability. Internet Explorer 7 or higher users can again access TelNet URLs by modifying a Windows Registry Key as follows:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_DISABLE_TELNET_PROTOCOL] "iexplore.exe" =dword: 00000000